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Federation Related Partners

When you join a portion of your dues is distributed to the state and national builder associations – California Building Industry Association (C黄金城官网) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Together with the North State 黄金城官网, these associations work to provide the American dream of homeownership most notably through advocacy by representing the home building industry voice to those that make decisions on when, where, and how to develop and build communities.

Your local, state, and national memberships provide many valuable benefits, services, and opportunities that range from advocacy, education, technical support, industry resources, and the latest data and information.

California Building Industry Association (C黄金城官网)

The California Building Industry Association is dedicated to providing strong leadership through advocacy, education and information.

C黄金城官网 remains focused on successfully promoting the homebuilding industry’s interests in the State Capital and the Governor’s Office as well as before numerous regulatory agencies.

The C黄金城官网 team has decades of experience at some of the highest levels of government.

The National Association of Home Builders

NAHB The National Association of Home Builders represents the largest network of craftsmen, innovators and problem solvers dedicated to building and enriching communities.

NAHB strives to protect the American Dream of housing opportunities for all, while working to achieve professional success for its members who build communities, create jobs and strengthen the economy.